“Three Blind Mice and other stories,” by Agatha Christie

Well! I’m awake early this morning. It’s really dark outside! As my loose leaf tea steeps in my cast iron tea pot, I thought I would write about “Three Blind Mice.” This book is a collection of short stories by, none other, than the amazing Agatha Christie! The first short story, in this collection is, “Three Blind Mice,” also known as “The Mousetrap,” which happens to be a very long running play. Well, now that I’ve read the mystery, I can certainly understand the attraction. If I ever have the opportunity to see the play, I will definitely go see it. In “Three Blind Mice,” a woman is murdered. Molly and Giles, the owners of Monkswell Manor, a guest house, are stranded with their guests in a blizzard. One of those interesting characters is a murderer.

A few of these short mysteries feature Miss Marple, our favorite lady sleuth. I would like so much, to visit her at her cottage, listen to her prattle on about the interesting people she has met, the mysteries she has solved and just all-around enjoy her company. Can I have her???

I didn’t have a favorite mystery in this collection, however, the mystery that grabbed my attention and really held it was, “The Third-Floor Flat.” I didn’t realize when I started reading this short mystery, Poirot would arrive to solve it.

They were all good. Happy Reading!

Agatha Christie - Three Blind Mice and Other StoriesNow, back to “Villette!”


Flying High!!!

Oh my goodness!!! I had the most amazing experience early on this clear day! My friend, Heather, and I climbed into a Cessna, and our very experienced pilot and friend, Kurt, took us on a great flight! We were suppose to fly on Saturday, however, the pilot, cancelled the flight because we were experiencing strong winds. Today was beautiful. It was clear and sunny. It was a gorgeous day for flying. flying high 006This is the illustrious plane! Kurt, our pilot, was so kind and patient. He clearly explained everything to us and answered our questions. It was a great flight!

flying high 022The view from up there!

flying high 035

flying high 040The runway is before us. We’re coming in for a landing.

“A Bitter Truth,” by Charles Todd

Good morning! It’s Monday morning and a new day! Well, I was reading, “Villette,” by Charlotte Bronte, when I realized I had a library book I needed to return, so, I temporarily put “Villette” aside and read my library book. It’s another good Bess Crawford – our favorite battlefield nurse – Mystery – by Charles Todd. I am totally and completely hooked on the Bess Crawford Mysteries!

In “A Bitter Truth,” Bess returns from France. She’s a tired battlefield nurse – in need of a rest and a very welcome Christmas leave – she discovers a woman cowering in the doorway to her home, cold and injured. She has to coax the woman upstairs and into her flat where Bess encourages the woman to eat and warm up with hot tea and a warm fire. Well, one thing leads to another and Bess finds herself involved in a murder mystery.

So far, all of the Bess Crawford mysteries have been excellent. As I read each book, I am given a good look into the lives of the people fighting WWI and their families. The separation, the loss, the heartache, the demoralization is all appropriately revealed in these murder mysteries. In this mystery the author introduces us to a Australian soldier. He’s a great guy and a fun addition to the story.

Now back to “Villette.”

"A Bitter Truth" by Charles Todd