Log Jam!

I’ve read three books and I haven’t reviewed them on my blog. I’m beginning to have a book log jam. So, I think I need to say something about each book.

Read this book the first time when I was about 9. Fell in love with it, maybe because the leading lady was named ShirleyThis was the first time I read a book by Grace Livingston Hill and I enjoyed it.

Shirley is a stenographer, the oldest in her family. Her mother is widowed and ill. They’ve been told to leave their small rental home because it is going to be destroyed – to build an apartment building. Shirley needs to find a home for her mother, herself and her siblings quickly. One day, Shirley’s boss gives her the afternoon off and Shirley discovers a big wondrous barn on lovely property. She learns who the owner is and approaches him to ask if her family can live in his barn. And so begins a wonderful adventure. “The Enchanted Barn” was the last book I read in 2014.

An Unwilling Accomplice - Charles ToddMy favorite World War I nurse, Bess Crawford is back! Bess is asked to accompany a wounded soldier to Buckingham Palace to be decorated as a war hero by the King. The following morning, Bess goes to the wounded soldier’s room to wake him and discovers he is missing. The military and Scotland Yard are involved in the search for the missing war hero. Bess, realizing no one will clear her name, but her, sets out to find the missing soldier. Her long time friend of the family Simon, joins her in the search. This is a good chase across England and at times I didn’t know how many soldiers Bess and Simon were chasing??? I thought it was a good mystery!

Family Huddle: Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Archie Manning, Jim MadsenFamily Huddle is a great book for boys about football and family! Enjoy!!!


“A Question of Honor,” by Charles Todd

Good morning. It’s early. Our home is quiet. The only sound – the cuckoo clock – tick tick tick tick.. The sun is coming up and soon the activities of the day will begin. I managed to finish a book during the holiday and it is a good one. It’s number five in the Bess Crawford mysteries and I am happy to say, Bess’s mother was more involved in this mystery. “A Question of Honor,” is a cold case. Lt. Wade’s parents were murdered and the Caswell’s were murdered in their beds. I think you might be wondering who the Caswell’s could possibly be??? And who is Lt. Wade??? This happened when Bess was a teenager living in India with her parents. Lt. Wade, thought to be the murderer, fled, and was presumed dead. Now, ten years later, it has been discovered that Lt. Wade is alive! Our favorite World War I nurse and amateur sleuth, Bess Crawford, is on the case and uncovers the horrible truth.

I like the Bess Crawford mysteries. This one is number five. Charles Todd is a mother/son team writing the mysteries. They seem to have done their research about WWI. I learn so much about the war in these stories. Rudyard Kipling is mentioned in this mystery several times. I thought that was a nice touch to the book. If you like murder mysteries and history, read the Bess Crawford mysteries. Happy Reading!

A question of honor / Charles Todd.

Dwarfs of Middle Earth

Good morning. I woke up very early, so here I am, waiting for the sun to rise. My thoughts are on Middle Earth. I know it’s because I saw the last movie yesterday and I’m feeling a bit sad. Fortunately, my husband bought every movie, , well, he hasn’t purchased  “The Battle of Five Armies” yet, so anyway, I can see the movies again and again – whenever I am missing Middle Earth. This dark, cold morning I am going to reveal my favorite dwarf. Drum roll please – BALIN!!! hobbits balin | Balin - Lord of the Rings Wiki

I mean really, he knows everything and he answers every question, tells every story. He is the wisdom and knowledge of the dwarfs.

“The Man in the Brown Suit,” by Agatha Christie.

Oh my goodness. I really don’t know what happened. I bumped something on my computer and my blog ran amuck! Oh well, I’ll begin again.

Murder/suspense is, without a doubt, my favorite genre. Agatha Christie is my fave murder mystery writer. Right now, I am reading, for the first time, “The Man in the Brown Suit.” It has completely captured my attention. I’m taking notes! I am going to update my blog as I read the book. SPOILER ALERT: If you have never read this mystery, you might not want to read my thoughts on this book.

Professor Beddingfeld died. I liked him. He was smart, enthusiastic about his work and eager for adventure. I thought of Cary Grant in the movie, “Bringing Up Baby.” Cary Grant was younger than Professor Beddingfeld but . . . I just thought of him. Cary Grant was searching for an intercloscal clavicle. How do you spell that? Professor Beddingfeld was excited about an antique skull that was discovered in North Rhodesia. When Professor Beddingfeld died, I felt it.

After the death of her father, Anne Beddingfeld, witnesses a terrible accident at the “Tube Station.” A most peculiar doctor appears. She discovers a mysterious note. A woman is discovered dead at a home and it seems related to the “Tube” incident. After the inquest, Anne is dissatisfied with a conversation she has with an Inspector at Scotland Yard. So, Anne is clever, creative and up for the adventure. She is investigating this chain of events herself. I find myself cheering for her and at the same time, recommending caution.

I am enjoying this mystery. At times it’s funny. I find myself chuckling outloud!

I finished the book this morning and I loved it! Anne wanted romance! She wanted adventure! She got it! That’s our Anne! She’s feisty. She’s spunky. She has pluck!
As I read this mystery, I was so eager to finish it – it didn’t seem to end. I was eager for the revealing of all! Every time I read a chapter – another chapter appeared! ha. It was so good. Poirot is not in this book, neither is Tommy and Tuppence or Miss Marple. This book stands alone. If you love Agatha Christie and you haven’t read it – read it! Happy Reading!


Kindle Paperwhite or Ereader

If you want cottage cheese, yogurt or sour cream last longer, simply place the container upside down in the fridge. Inverting the tub creates a vacuum that inhibits the growth of bacteria, and consequently, spoilage.

HAHA! That’s right! I dropped my kindle into the sour cream! Rick and I laughed so hard! Sometimes I think I am funny waiting to happen. The kindle is fine. I cleaned it off. WARNING: Do not try this at home!

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“Mistletoe Kisses,” (Inspy Kisses Collection #3)

“Mistletoe Kisses,” is a collection of eight short, romance stories written by eight different authors. It took me a long time to read these because I would read one short story, then read a book. I would then read two short stories and then read a book. Oh yea!  Anyway, so it did take me awhile to read the entire collection. Each story stands alone. All eight stories are good, however, there were three that were my favorites and I am going to focus on those three.

“The Gift,” by Lisa Mondello is the story of Allison and Derek. Allison finds an envelope on the ground and Derek seems to believe that there was money inside the envelope and Allison took the money. Well! There is a note inside and the note is a little girl’s Christmas wish. Allison is determined to get the gift for the girl . . . Derek has some important things to learn. Hence, we have a nice holiday romance.

“The Spinster’s Christmas,” by Camille Elliot. This is a Regency romance and this short story has a mystery in it! Miranda and Gerard are childhood friends. They meet again at a Christmas celebration at Wintrell Hall. Miranda is the poor relation living in her cousin’s home and wants to escape. Gerard’s career has been cut short by an injury that leaves him walking with a cane and a limp. It was a nice story. I appreciated the Christmas celebration. There seemed to be so many children in this story. I liked it. In the past, I don’t think I have ever read a story with so many children.

“Mistletoe Cowboy,” by Lacy Williams. This one was my favorite of the three I’ve listed. I really liked Justin. I thought he was so cute, pulling up in his truck, to the drive through window of the coffee shop so he could see and talk to Valri! Justin is a former bull rider in the rodeo. He was injured by a bull and as such, his rodeo days are over. He’s had a tough time of it. Well, Valri is finishing up her pre-med degree and has plans to become a doctor! So, there you have a Christmas season romance in the making. Mistletoe Cowboy is such a feel good story. I liked it.

Read them all! Enjoy!!!

Mistletoe Kisses: inspirational romance boxed set (Inspy Kisses Book 3) - Kindle edition by Janet Tronstad, Lisa Mondello, Lenora Worth, Margaret Daley, Camille Elliot, Pamela Tracy, Lacy Williams, Cheryl Wyatt.