“Love Without End,” by Robin Lee Hatcher

“Love Without End,” is a sweet, easy reading, mellow story. I liked it!

Kimberly is a widow and as a result of her husband’s sudden death, her and her young teenage daughter are left penniless. They move to Kings Meadow to live with a friend of Kimberly’s.

After the death of their son, Chet’s wife left him and their two remaining boys. So, Chet and his sons know the pain of abandonment and divorce. Kimberly’s daughter is given a horse and Chet agrees to tame the animal. Well, Anna McKenna returns to the ranch, after being away for many years. All of these characters come together in a sweet, clean romance set in Idaho. The characters in this story were all likable. My personal favorite was Anna McKenna. I enjoyed meeting her, in this romance, and getting to know her. She does have an interesting story to tell.

Chet is a very mellow cowboy. He cares for his family and works the ranch.

Kimberly is afraid of horses, (can’t say that I blame her, I’m not real happy around horses), and doesn’t want ranch life at all, or so she thinks. I call this gentle literature. Happy Reading!

Giveaway! Love Without End by Robin Lee Hatcher, giveaway ends 11/22/14.Picture is from pinterest. I like the cover of this book. I think it’s pretty.


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