“A Gift To Remember,” by Melissa Hill

A Gift to Remember by Melissa Hill.  Please click on the book jacket to check availability or place an order @ Otis. (10/14/2014)Darcy Archer works in a bookstore in Manhattan. To say, she loves to read books, is an understatement. One day, during the Christmas season, she is riding her bike to work and Darcy crashes into a man out walking his dog. Darcy knocks him out cold! The paramedics arrive and whisk him off to the nearest hospital. After he is gone, she realizes his dog has been left behind. While the mystery man is in the hospital recovering from his injuries, Darcy is caring for his pet. While the injured man is laid up in the hospital, Darcy begins to investigate this interesting fellow. The results of the investigation surprised me!

This story is actually a bit of a mystery and I was a little disappointed in it. I expected a richness in the writing that was absent. I don’t know why, this was the first time I had ever read a book by this author. I liked Darcy’s neighbor Grace. Grace was a little bit of a surprise, and when all is said and done, I liked Katherine. I gave the book four stars on goodreads. There is mild profanity in the book.


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