Quirky – Odd – Unusual – Interesting – Strange –

One Of A Kind – For Sure, The Oddity Of Life –

I am into “the quirky” these days – now, I would not go so far as to say eccentric – maybe, a glitch??? Mmm. So, for this cold, wintry morning, while still waking up, I think it’s like 8 degrees outside! As I enjoy my steamy, hot cuppa, I will list five quirky things about myself. Feel free to respond with one quirky thing about yourself!


1.) I get the hiccups every time I eat yogurt! Who knew? I don’t really mind. I think the hiccups are hilarious. The yogurt experience – probably the most “odd” thing about me?


2.) I have my winter socks dry cleaned! I could tell many hilarious stories about this one. The women who work at the cleaners think this is hilarious and I have joyfully endured many teasing’s from them about this! To clarify – my winter socks are wool. I can’t wash wool and I refuse to use those – at home dry cleaner products – I have heard so much about, so, off to the dry cleaners with my socks.


3.) Oh my. I am almost swooning here. haha. I love dark chocolate. Not quirky? Read on. There are two coffee shops in town that serve up the most delicious decadent, hot, rich, dark chocolate on the planet. I savor every delicious swallow. When I ask for whipped cream on top, after the decadent drink arrives, I stick my finger in the whipped cream and bring out a glob of the white sweetness and then savor it, sometimes  closing my eyes. After I have consumed the dreamy drink, I run my finger inside the cup and savor every last drop. Ahem. Wake you there girl. A little odd? Maybe.


4.) I do NOT like basements! All of them! It doesn’t matter what they look like, how big they are or how they are decorated. Don’t like them! When confronted with a basement, and we do have one, as I creep slowly down the stairs clutching the hand rail, into the lower level of the dark abyss, I imagine a Tolkien size spider lurking in the shadows ready to strike. I pull out my imaginary “Sting” ready to fight off the beast in the shadows. Right, like I’m going to leave spider guts all over the basement floor!!! Nope, no guts! I do know where this oddity came from – my grandparents lived in a large farmhouse with a creepy cellar! Oh no! Not the grandma and grandpa have a creepy cellar story!!! That’s right. It was the creepiest cellar – ever. There was a large hole in the wall of this cellar, as a child, whenever I slowly stepped down into the cellar, I imagined a ginormous bear living in the hole in the cellar! Needless to say, I didn’t remain in the basement long!


5.) I eat sour cream on almost everything. Did you read my recent true story? You know, I dropped my kindle in the sour cream!!! Ahem. Oh, the memories. Anyway, I have even been known to dip French fries in sour cream. Yummy.


There you have it. 5 quirky things about myself! Enjoy!



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