“The Man in the Brown Suit,” by Agatha Christie.

Oh my goodness. I really don’t know what happened. I bumped something on my computer and my blog ran amuck! Oh well, I’ll begin again.

Murder/suspense is, without a doubt, my favorite genre. Agatha Christie is my fave murder mystery writer. Right now, I am reading, for the first time, “The Man in the Brown Suit.” It has completely captured my attention. I’m taking notes! I am going to update my blog as I read the book. SPOILER ALERT: If you have never read this mystery, you might not want to read my thoughts on this book.

Professor Beddingfeld died. I liked him. He was smart, enthusiastic about his work and eager for adventure. I thought of Cary Grant in the movie, “Bringing Up Baby.” Cary Grant was younger than Professor Beddingfeld but . . . I just thought of him. Cary Grant was searching for an intercloscal clavicle. How do you spell that? Professor Beddingfeld was excited about an antique skull that was discovered in North Rhodesia. When Professor Beddingfeld died, I felt it.

After the death of her father, Anne Beddingfeld, witnesses a terrible accident at the “Tube Station.” A most peculiar doctor appears. She discovers a mysterious note. A woman is discovered dead at a home and it seems related to the “Tube” incident. After the inquest, Anne is dissatisfied with a conversation she has with an Inspector at Scotland Yard. So, Anne is clever, creative and up for the adventure. She is investigating this chain of events herself. I find myself cheering for her and at the same time, recommending caution.

I am enjoying this mystery. At times it’s funny. I find myself chuckling outloud!

I finished the book this morning and I loved it! Anne wanted romance! She wanted adventure! She got it! That’s our Anne! She’s feisty. She’s spunky. She has pluck!
As I read this mystery, I was so eager to finish it – it didn’t seem to end. I was eager for the revealing of all! Every time I read a chapter – another chapter appeared! ha. It was so good. Poirot is not in this book, neither is Tommy and Tuppence or Miss Marple. This book stands alone. If you love Agatha Christie and you haven’t read it – read it! Happy Reading!

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