“A Question of Honor,” by Charles Todd

Good morning. It’s early. Our home is quiet. The only sound – the cuckoo clock – tick tick tick tick.. The sun is coming up and soon the activities of the day will begin. I managed to finish a book during the holiday and it is a good one. It’s number five in the Bess Crawford mysteries and I am happy to say, Bess’s mother was more involved in this mystery. “A Question of Honor,” is a cold case. Lt. Wade’s parents were murdered and the Caswell’s were murdered in their beds. I think you might be wondering who the Caswell’s could possibly be??? And who is Lt. Wade??? This happened when Bess was a teenager living in India with her parents. Lt. Wade, thought to be the murderer, fled, and was presumed dead. Now, ten years later, it has been discovered that Lt. Wade is alive! Our favorite World War I nurse and amateur sleuth, Bess Crawford, is on the case and uncovers the horrible truth.

I like the Bess Crawford mysteries. This one is number five. Charles Todd is a mother/son team writing the mysteries. They seem to have done their research about WWI. I learn so much about the war in these stories. Rudyard Kipling is mentioned in this mystery several times. I thought that was a nice touch to the book. If you like murder mysteries and history, read the Bess Crawford mysteries. Happy Reading!

A question of honor / Charles Todd.


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