Log Jam!

I’ve read three books and I haven’t reviewed them on my blog. I’m beginning to have a book log jam. So, I think I need to say something about each book.

Read this book the first time when I was about 9. Fell in love with it, maybe because the leading lady was named ShirleyThis was the first time I read a book by Grace Livingston Hill and I enjoyed it.

Shirley is a stenographer, the oldest in her family. Her mother is widowed and ill. They’ve been told to leave their small rental home because it is going to be destroyed – to build an apartment building. Shirley needs to find a home for her mother, herself and her siblings quickly. One day, Shirley’s boss gives her the afternoon off and Shirley discovers a big wondrous barn on lovely property. She learns who the owner is and approaches him to ask if her family can live in his barn. And so begins a wonderful adventure. “The Enchanted Barn” was the last book I read in 2014.

An Unwilling Accomplice - Charles ToddMy favorite World War I nurse, Bess Crawford is back! Bess is asked to accompany a wounded soldier to Buckingham Palace to be decorated as a war hero by the King. The following morning, Bess goes to the wounded soldier’s room to wake him and discovers he is missing. The military and Scotland Yard are involved in the search for the missing war hero. Bess, realizing no one will clear her name, but her, sets out to find the missing soldier. Her long time friend of the family Simon, joins her in the search. This is a good chase across England and at times I didn’t know how many soldiers Bess and Simon were chasing??? I thought it was a good mystery!

Family Huddle: Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Archie Manning, Jim MadsenFamily Huddle is a great book for boys about football and family! Enjoy!!!

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