Woot Woot! I read my first book in 2015 today!!!

That’s right. I read a book today and it was good! Let me give you some back ground. My husband is a teacher. He loves history, geography, government. archeology – you know, crusty old things and such. Recently, he helped set up a museum display. Well, I wanted to see this museum display that I heard so much about. So, one Saturday in November we drove to the museum and I saw the museum display. There is a well-stocked gift shop at the museum and I looked around fascinated with the variety of merchandise. I discovered a book that interested me, so I bought it. That is the book I read today.


Country School

South Dakota Stories

Edited by Norma C. Wilson and Charles L. Woodard

This book is a collection of short stories written by teachers who taught in one-room school houses and the students who attended these schools! I loved it! 5 stars! *****

These stalwart teachers and their students had great times – oh yea – full of memories! Everything from harsh cold prairie winters, difficulties heating the cold buildings to critters in the classrooms, fires and, oh yes, apparently boys are notorious for pulling pranks in the outhouses! Everything about this book was fascinating and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Amish schoolroom...For the first 2 years of school, It attended a one-room school house similar to this.picture from pinterest


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