“Airs Above the Ground,” by Mary Stewart

Oh my goodness! This book is so good. Six – Seven – Eight amazing, incredibly, extraordinary stars!!! Where do I begin? Vanessa believes her husband is in Sweden. However, she discovers he is in Austria when she sees him in a newsreel. There was a fire at a circus – there is her husband – at the fire! So, she is on a plane to Austria to find her husband. Timothy flies with her, or maybe, I should say, Vanessa flies with Timothy – anyway, you might ask, who is Timothy? Well, he is an amazing young man presumably going to visit his father. Timothy turned out to be my favorite character. He had a rough start, however, he turned out to be a great young man. Timothy and Vanessa have a great adventure together! This adventure takes the intrepid travelers to a circus, where the scene is described so well, I could hear the circus music and I could almost catch the scent of the big top and the preforming animals. I could see the glittering costumes as the performers worked their magic in the ring. Then Vanessa and Timothy traveled on to a castle – that’s right a castle – rich with fairytale excitement- towers – turrets – a count and a countess. Richly described. I hung on every word and drank in every experience. I loved this book from the very first word until the very last word. What a journey! What an adventure, with suspense on every page! In the midst of the travel, excitement, suspense, mystery, scenery, chase and every thing that is in this wonderful story – are the Lipizzan Stallions! Read and Enjoy!!!


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