“Her Cowboy Hero,” by Carolyne Aarsen

Tanner and Keira were engaged a few years ago. Keira broke their engagement. In spite of the separation, they never stopped loving one another. Tanner arrives at her parents ranch, wanting Keira’s dad to repair his late brother’s saddle so he can use it in an upcoming rodeo. Much to Tanner’s surprise, Keira has taken over her Dad’s leather and saddle repair business. Keira never told Tanner the real reason for the break-up. Now, that Tanner has returned and is staying at the ranch, she is having some difficulty keeping the truth from him. She knows, if they have a future together, she needs to tell him the truth, but to tell the truth could be a problem.

I liked this story – very much. It had a good message and a good use of scripture. Tanner is a good man, dearly in love with Keira and wanting to do the right thing. Keira suffered in ways she keeps to herself. I found myself wanting to know what the mystery was that caused her such pain and encourage her to tell him. I thought it was a tender, sweet romance.


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