Saturday Nights

My husband is amazing. He is a history/social studies/government/geography teacher. He loves archeology, or as I say, crusty old things. That might be part of the reason he enjoys old classic “B” movies. That’s right, crusty old movies! We call them “B” movies. Or, it could be a quirky park of his personality, eccentric? Maybe? Ahem. Anyway, he really gets into these old movies. I usually chuckle and shake my head. I personally am not a fan of these relics. But, I have seen many of them because, every Saturday night he watches one of these legendary, ahem, films!

Who doesn’t love “Creature From the Black Lagoon?” I mean really!” Beautiful, shrieking, fainting woman, ugly monster, dashing hero, you have a hit movie!

Then, of course, we have, “This Island Earth.” This one has aliens, from outer space, with big foreheads. Once again, we have beautiful, terrified, fainting woman, swoon worthy male hero and these characters are smart!!! In this classic film, we travel through outer space, to another planet, trying to save their world here, and we meet a very ugly creature! Eeeuuu!

Then, who can forget this amazing take-off in the iconic movie, “When Worlds Collide!” Oh yea. Oh my! In this movie, Earth is on a collision course with another planet. The characters in this riveting story, build a spaceship in hopes of finding a new planet to live on sooo, not everyone on planet Earth is killed in the inevitable collision.

So, yes, this is where I spend many Saturday nights. If you’ve never seen one of these amazing classic movies from the past, please, try one. There are so many of these gems. It is an experience of the big screen you won’t soon forget! Enjoy!!!


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