I had an interesting day yesterday and I thought I would share it with you. The day started in a manner normal for me. I woke, ate, dressed, etc. Around 9:30 am the electricity went out! I planned to walk downtown, so I decided to leave earlier than anticipated because of the power outage. Gathering up what I needed, off I went. The winter air was cold, crisp, the sun shinning brightly. I stopped at the little free library and then continued on my trek, successfully arriving at the coffee shop. I ordered a hot organic black tea from India – a hot green tea was delivered to me! Mmm. I only drink green tea in the summer, iced, with a fruity flavor. I decided not to grumble, so I bought a delicious shortbread to eat as I drank my tea. So, there I sat, with my green tea, shortbread and a murder mystery when a man enters the coffee shop carrying a cello! How extraordinary! The afternoon progressed and I decided to walk to a historic brick building that has been divided into businesses. One of the business, I visit occasionally. They sell furniture and accessories for the home and clothing for women. I had just stepped inside the building when the fire alarm went off! That was certainly an attention getter! Everyone from all the businesses exited the building and soon, with sirens screaming and lights flashing the fire department arrived! I don’t know how long we waited outside in the parking lot, but soon, a tall fireman approached and told me, all was clear and I could go inside. I never did learn what caused the fire alarm to go off. I was able to browse through the business and then I walked to the main library. I wanted to sit and read for awhile – every chair in the library was taken! I searched through the movies and checked out, “Becoming Jane,” with Anne Hathaway. I found a chair, fell into it and read for awhile. My husband picked me up when he finished at the school. We ate dinner at a local diner. We then came home, The electricity was up and running! I collapsed into bed and we watched, “Becoming Jane.” I can’t think of a brilliant way to sum up this true story! So, I will say, Have a great day!

by kristin mismash


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