Introducing Virginia!

Hi everyone. I would like you to meet Virginia at

She is my first blogger interview and I am thrilled! Virginia found me approximately one year ago when I started blogging. She has been with me from the start. She writes nice book reviews and she usually shares a scripture on Sunday, which is always a blessing to me. So without further ado, here’s Virginia!

1.) How long have you blogged and why did you start blogging?
Answer: I started blogging in November 2013 and I decided to start blogging after I met some of my good friends at goodreads. They all have wonderful blogs and along with that blogging would be a very good way to share my love for books and my passion for Christ. So, here I am today and I’m excited to see what the future would hold.

2.) What is your favorite genre? Why?
Answer: Definitely historical fiction. It’s so hard to move away from historical fiction because I really love reading history mixed with a good plot. I’ve read so many other books that range from classic to contemporary Christian fiction as well, but I LOVE reading historical fiction.

3.) Who is your favorite author? If you want to name more than one – go ahead.
Answer: Elizabeth Camden, Jane Austen, Janette Oke, Anne Mateer, and Jen Turano, Louisa May Alcott, Tessa Afshar, and Julie Klassen.

4.) Has a book ever inspired you? If yes, what book? How did it inspire you?
Answer: Yes, the Bible is the greatest inspiration in my life and it inspires me everyday. Stories in the Bible like Esther and Ruth inspire my faith and courage. It helps a lot to know that they went through a certain situation, I am confident that I am more than able to overcome.

5.) If you could live in a fictional story, which book would you live in and why?
Answer: Chronicles of Narnia! In Narnia they had so many adventures and I’m such an adventurous person. If I could live in a world where adventure is no stranger, then I’m definitely there!

6.) What is something you enjoy, outside of reading?
Answer: I enjoy a variety of things. blogging, writing, surfing the internet. (You’ll probably find me a lot on GR and Pinterest). I love trying out new recipes so I do enjoy cooking and baking as well. 🙂

7.) If you could travel anywhere in the world – no cost to you – one location, where would you go and why?
Answer: Paris, France. I want to learn French so bad! Paris sounds so glamorous, warm and inviting. I wish to go there one day and taste real French cuisine and I hope to visit the Eiffel Tower one day! Yes, I definitely want to go to Paris!

Thanks so much for the interview! The questions were such fun!


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