The Art of Letter Writing

xI created a new board on pinterest titled, “The Art of Letter Writing.” As I pinned various pictures on my board, I was inspired to write a letter. So, I gathered up my dusty notecards and stationary, sat down near the fireplace and hand wrote a letter to my sister-in-law.

It has been a long time since I received a hand written letter in the mail. I think the last letter I received was from my aunt. Her and I corresponded the “old fashioned” way, with ink and paper. Occasionally, during the Christmas season, someone will send us a Christmas card with a typed letter enclosed, but very rarely a hand written letter. Most of our mail, is junk mail. sad to say, so, I have decided to try and send hand written letters this year. This isn’t a new year’s resolution and I don’t have any specific number of letters in mind, I will just do my best to hand write and mail – you remember the postal service – a letter now and then. I might even write a letter or two to a child. I remember, when I was a young girl, I loved getting letters in the mail.

So, I have successfully written my first letter. I wrote it on vintage paper, well, a replica of vintage paper. I encourage you, set aside a few minutes to hand write, with ink, a letter to grandma, grandpa, aunt, cousin, friend, service member and the list goes on of people who would love to receive a hand written letter from you. Please, keep writing.

above picture is from pinterest.


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