“Beyond All Dreams,” by Elizabeth Camden

I was reading “Emma,” when the library sent me an e-mail, informing me, a book I ordered was ready for pick-up. After I picked up the library book, it sat on the nightstand, for several days, waiting for me to finish “Emma.” Well, I decided I should probably read the library book before I need to return it. I set “Emma” aside for a couple days so I could read “Beyond All Dreams,” before it was due back at the library.

“Beyond All Dreams,” is a mystery/romance. Anna O’Brien is a map librarian at the Library of Congress. She loves her job! During the course of her work, she discovers documentation revealing a missing ship. As she investigates, attempting to discover what happened to the ship, she is met with continual resistance and some threats. I was completely caught up in the story! I enjoyed the plot!

Luke Callahan is a congressman. I think he’s a colorful character, so full of passion. Anyway, he meets Anna and the two of them decide to work together to solve the mystery of the missing ship.

I thought all the characters in this story had such interesting occupations! I loved reading about the various positions and what each person did in their places of employment. The inventions and the work at the patent office were especially interesting to me.

The author created interesting characters. I especially liked Neville and his friendship with Anna.

There were so many morsels – delicious comments – I’m not sure how I want to describe these morsels, but I enjoyed it! If you like a good mystery that will keep you wondering what happened, combined with a sweet, clean romance, I recommend “Beyond All Dreams.” Happy Reading!

Iola's Christian Reads: reviewing Beyond All Dreams by Elizabeth Camden. Excellent Christian historical romance!picture from pinterest.


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