Bon Appetit

Copper PotsI do not consider myself a cook. Oh my. Tsk Tsk. I appreciate a good cook and there are many good cooks in the world, but woe and alas, I am not one of them. I can think of two, that’s right two times I have almost burnt the house down. Both times the smoke detectors were screaming! Our neighbors couldn’t help but hear the shrieking noise and called 911! Oh yes! There was the incident when black smoke was billowing out of the oven, leaving behind a black sooty trail! I ran flailing out of the house, grabbing a neighbor, dragging her into our smoky kitchen, for an expert opinion, before I called 911. We had a foreign exchange student live with us for ten months. One day she was in the kitchen watching me, and I do quote, “Katie is dangerous in the kitchen.” That’s right. She did say that. Yes, it’s a sad story of woe and misery. Well, today I successfully made chili. I chopped and diced and placed everything in a large pot – the chili simmered to perfection and the chili is wonderfully done! YAY! So, tell me, do you cook? Do you enjoy cooking? Do you have mishaps in the kitchen? Please, share any disastrous culinary story you have, it can’t be worse than mine. Bon Appetit!


2 thoughts on “Bon Appetit

  1. How funny! We used to have a very sensitive smoke alarm between the kitchen and the living room. It would alarm due to steam, heat, smoke from the wood-burning stove – pretty much anything. After awhile, when the smoke alarm went off, everyone would yell, “Dinner’s ready!” We still do!

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