“Emma, by Jane Austen.

Recently, I read “Emma.” I enjoyed the story and chuckled my way through most of the book. I wanted to see the movie before I wrote a review. After mentioning I was going to watch the movie, a friend suggested, I watch the BBC mini-series of “Emma.” I did and I really enjoyed it.

Emma is young, pretty and spoilt. After the marriage of her governess, Emma decides to do some matchmaking. Well, Mr. Knightley advises Emma against any such doings but, she perseveres with her plan. The matchmaking does not go well, and she thoroughly confuses her protégé’ Harriet.

“Emma” is one crazy, comical story! There are several likable characters, Emma being one of them, even though she is flawed. Somehow I loved her in spite of herself. Of course, Mr. Knightley is wonderful. He doesn’t pull any punches with Emma at all. Emma’s dad is an amusing sweetheart and Emma loves him dearly. The story is predictable, which I think it’s suppose to be – it’s about the getting there! Of the Austen books I’ve read, this one is my favorite.!

emma woodhouse | Tumblr// *GASP* Donwell will go to Henry indeed!picture from pinterest.


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