“Cloudy Jewel,” by Grace Livingston Hill

Cloudy Jewel (Grace Livingston Hill #84) by Grace Livingston Hill,http://www.amazon.com/dp/0842304746/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_S4NMsb1JV9KPMNB0With the death of her mother, Julia’s future looks like a lonely one. Her horrible sister and brother-in-law, (they are good antagonists), ask her to live with them, but for very good reasons, she refuses. After her mother’s funeral she receives a telegram, informing her that she is about to have visitors. In a whirlwind of exuberant love Julia’s niece and nephew arrive, pack her up bag and baggage and whisk her away into a new adventure!

I loved this book! Allison and Leslie were delightful bundles of energy, chattering almost continually. There are a few challenges, which they face together and work through with cautious courage. This is a fun read and it just makes ya feel good all over! This is a faith based book and I highly recommend it for older teens and adults. Oh yes! Cloudy Jewel is the endearing nickname Leslie and Allison give their most beloved aunt!


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