“Nine Coaches Waiting,” by Mary Stewart

WOW! That’s right, WOW! Linda Martin, an English woman, is hired to be a governess to a French boy. Philippe is a nice boy. This is not a – the child is a terror story. Linda and Philippe get along splendidly. But, Linda has a sense of foreboding. Something is wrong at the Chateau Valmy and she doesn’t know what is causing her uneasiness. So, she waits in fear not knowing who she can trust. Her uneasiness is like a low grade fever. She isn’t ill and she can function just fine but she doesn’t feel quite right. She walks, knowing something she can’t quite see or define is lurking quietly beyond her reach. Mary Stewart is an artistic writer. I was in the Chateau with Linda and Philippe. I didn’t just read about the Chateau, I was with them, experiencing, living and breathing in the Chateau, the people and the surroundings. I saw the scenery with Linda and Philippe when they went for walks on the grounds. I suspiciously scrutinized the mysterious family, wondering who could be trusted.

This is mystery/suspense at it’s finest. I had difficulty putting the book down. Brillant. Captivating. Do you like mystery/suspense? The story has a “Jane Eyre” quality to it and Linda Martin is courageous woman, although, she doesn’t believe she has courage. Take a gander at “Nine Coaches Waiting.” I don’t believe you will be disappointed.

Nine Coaches Waiting by Mary Stewartpicture from pinterest

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