“The Prince and the Pilgrim,” by Mary Stewart

Good morning. Another good story by Mary Stewart! I found this book in the little free library near our house!

This story takes place during King Arthur’s time. The author has included the legend at the back of the book.

“The tale of Sir Alisander le Orphelin and Alice la Beale Pilgrim, as related by Thomas Malory in Le Morte d’ Arthur, Book X.)”

 Alexander’s father was murdered by King March when Alexander was very young. Years later he is eager to avenge his father’s death. So, he sets off to Camelot to tell the story to King Arthur, hoping the King will assist him in his need for justice. Alexander’s journey is interrupted by Morgan la Fey. Not good. She uses enchantments to deceive Alexander into searching for and stealing the Holy Grail and giving it to her. I shudder every time I think of her.

Alice, is the daughter of a Duke, and without a mother. Alice and her father travel frequently, so she has visited several lands and has wonderful adventures. When her father becomes in charge of a young prince who carries a mysterious chalice believed to be, by some, the Holy Grail, it sets the stage for Alice and Alexander to meet.

Most of us have heard the legend of Arthur and his knights, however, the story of Alexander and Alice was new to me. I certainly am not an expert on Arthur, his knights and this period of time, but I did like this story. I enjoyed Alexander. He was young, eager for adventure, ready for a quest. In this telling of the story, he did get into a mess with Morgan la Fey, however,  I still liked him and cheered him on – for his escape – however that may happen!

I liked Alice and her father. Alice was spoilt but she was also a lovely character, devoted to her faith and her father. I thought for awhile she would dedicate her life to the church.

A love story set during the days of King Arthur and Camelot. Enjoy! Happy Reading!

 The Prince and the Pilgrim (Arthurian Saga #5) by Mary Stewartpicture from pinterest.


“Mrs. Meade Mysteries,” by Elisabeth Grace Foley

What fun stories and so well-written!

  • The Silver Shawl
  • The Parting Glass
  • The Oldest Flame

Mrs. Meade, a widow, lives in Colorado. She’s smart and a great sleuth. It never ceases to amaze me, how these amateur sleuths, seem to find themselves, at the very location, or across the hall of a crime or a mystery! 🙂 Mrs. Meade is a nice lady and a thinker. She doesn’t take things at face value. Her and the sheriff have an interesting relationship and I think the sheriff is comical. Give these short stories a gander! I liked them. Usually, in a series, I have a favorite, however, with this series I’m in a conundrum! ha! I thought my favorite was “The Oldest Flame,” but then I changed my mind and decided, “The Silver Shawl,” was my favorite, but then I thought, well, um, The Parting Glass was very good. So, this time I don’t have a favorite. They are all my faves! They are on kindle. Happy Reading!

 Adventure Between the Pages: The Silver Shawl by Elisabeth Grace Foley http://destinyofone.blogspot.com/2014/04/adventure-between-pagesthe-silver-shawl.htmlpicture from pinterest.

“Motherless,” by Erin Healy

Good morning. I am still laid up because I have this injury – I really do not like this injury! However, I am reading, reading and then I am reading. 🙂 Did I mention I am reading? 🙂 So, here I am, sitting on my bed, propped up with pillows. My computer is on my lap, my dog is sleeping next to me and I have two books.

I  discovered Erin Healy when I read, “Kiss,” and “Burn,” two books she co-authored with Ted Dekker. I’ve been reading her stories since. “Motherless,” is a haunting story about the search for truth or the search for answers, grief and growing up without a mother. Marina and Dylan have always been told their mother committed suicide. Her vehicle was discovered at “Monastery Beach.” After an investigation, the authorities said, suicide. Now, years later, their father has been in an accident, a woman comes forward, looking very much like Marina, declaring she is their mother, wanting to help in any way she can, and the search for answers begins.

I liked it! I gave this book five stars on goodreads. It had just the right amount of creepy or haunting in it. I thought all the characters were likable, except Marina. I think a person can search for answers without being such a brat! The story might be a little confusing to the reader at times, however, if it is, keep reading. It will all come together nicely in the end.

My favorite book by Erin Healy is “The Baker’s Wife,” however, “Motherless,” is a close second. Happy Reading!Motherless by Erin Healypicture from pinterest

Welcome! Ashlee Willis author of The Word Changers has come for a visit!

Welcome to my blog Ashlee! It’s so good to have you visit with me today.

Ashlee and I connected when “The Word Changers,” was new. I was privileged to receive an ARC of the book to read and review. Good story! Ashlee provided me with this great cover picture of her book and you can find Ashlee at:



1.) How long have you been blogging and why do you blog?

Answer: I began blogging just over a year ago.I knew that, as someone who had just landed a publishing contract, I would need to have my name and my book “out there” before the book was ever published. But even though it began as almost a duty, I no longer do it for that reason – I truly love being able to connect in a more personal way with readers and fellow writers. I’ve made so many friendships with fellow bloggers and with people who have stumbled across my blog (or I theirs!) It’s been a great first year of blogging, and I hope for even better ones in the future!

2.) What is your favorite genre?

Answer: Fantasy is, without a doubt, the closest to my heart. However, I grew up reading the classics, which I adored, and then fell into historical fiction with a passion. I still can’t resist a good historical fiction novel, especially if it’s set in England or France. When my brain needs a break from heavier stuff, I grab a cozy mystery.

3.) Who is your favorite author, if you want to name more than one?

Answer: Oh! I think I’d have to name more than one really! At the top of the list, though, is C.S. Lewis. He doesn’t hold that place for any wonderful or lyrical style of writing, but purely because his heart for God showed through everything he wrote (non-fiction as well). The fact that he created Narnia, my favorite fantasy world, definitely helps! Other favorites include Charlotte Bronte, Richard Llewellyn, India Edghill, Elizabeth Peters, Mary Stewart, Juliet Marillier, Charles Dickens, Elizabeth Gaskell, Meredith Ann Pierce, J.R.R. Tolkien.

4.) You are going to meet your favorite fictional character at a local coffee shop. You can visit with this fictional character for one hour. Who are you going to meet and why? What are you going to talk about?

Answer: Oh my, what a wonderful question! Again, I’m not sure I could choose an absolute favorite; there are simply too many. However, I would love to sit and talk to Frodo Baggins. I’m always fascinated by simple people (Hobbits included, of course!) who must find the courage they didn’t know they had. In the real world, not many people are up to that task – even the ones you THINK would be brave. Yet it’s fascinating and inspiring to come across someone who has a strength you’d never suspect and that’s exactly the type of person Frodo was. While I’m sure we’d talk about things like life and death and heartbreak and sorrow and strength and hope . . . I’d also like to simply ask him what his life was like growing up in the Shire. Maybe I’d even be bold enough to ask him to teach me the steps to a Hobbit jig!

5.) If you could live inside a fictional story, which book would you live in and why?

Answer: The Chronicles of Narnia! Ok, so that’s seven books – but they all center around the same world. Narnia is where I would want to live, no question. It’s beautiful, it’s full of adventure, it’s magical and it has held a place in my heart since I was a child and read the books for the first time. There are other fictional worlds that I would love to visit, of course, but if I had to live in one, Narnia is the indisputable answer.

6.) Has a book ever inspired you? What book? How did it inspire you?

Answer: Many books have inspired me for many different reasons. One that I have considered a favorite for years is How Green Was My Valley by Richard Llewellyn. I read it when I was about 14, I believe, and I felt as if I had been struck. The story itself is a good one, but it was Llewellyn’s use of language that inspired me. It’s so beautiful that it’s almost like music or poetry. I had never been brought to tears before simply by the WAY something was being said – but in this book, I was, multiple times. I think that was when I woke up to the idea that stories can be good in and of themselves, but they can also be TOLD in beautiful ways. It was extremely eye-opening, realizing the sheer power words can have, if used in the right way.

7.) If you could travel anywhere in the world – no cost to you – one location, where would you go and why?

Answer: Hmmm. There are so many places I’d love to visit! But the first place on my list, currently, is England. Such a huge percentage of my favorite authors come from the U.K., I would love to be able to basically go on an “author tour” – see their homes, visit the places they worked and lived when they were alive, experience the locations and scenes that inspires some of their work. Sounds like heaven to me!

Ashlee's DeskAshlee has graciously provided a photo of the desk where she creates. I love it! I think it’s so cute. Thanks again Ashlee for chatting with me today. It was a pleasure! 🙂

In memory –

My husband’s brother, Ed, passed away early this morning. We were expecting his passing. He was very ill for a long time. We’re still shocked silent though. I am two months older than my brother-in-law. I use to tease him mercilessly – he had to respect me because I’m his elder! haha! Anyway, we won’t forget you Ed. You’re in our thoughts always. Rest In Peace.


“Madam Will You Talk?” by Mary Stewart

Mary Stewart has quickly become one of my favorite authors! And why not? Her stories are so well written – mystery, suspense, romance! Frequently, she writes about strong women, who really don’t seem to see their own strengths. In “Madam Will You Talk,” Charity is on vacation in France with her friend Louise, the artist. Charity soon meets a thirteen year old boy and his dog. She loves them instantly and finds herself in a well-written mystery that takes the reader across the south of France, and what an adventure! The chase, the hot summer, the dust and the noisy cicadas were so well described, I found myself drinking ice tea to cool off from the summer heat! 🙂  When Charity arrives in Marseilles, I felt the bustle of the people as they scurried to their destination in the busy streets. When Charity first gazed at the Mediterranean, I gazed with her.

This is the third book I’ve read by Ms. Stewart where she has created a youngster as one of her characters. I love her kids! I remember in “Airs Above the Ground,” there was a teenager in the story and in “Nine Coaches Waiting,” there was a young boy in the tale. Her kids have considerable courage and are always ready for an adventure.

Has anyone ever been to France??? If you’ve never read a book by Mary Stewart, give her a look.

Madam Will You Talk?  January 2013.  My Mary Stewart of choice.picture from pinterest.

“Pat of Silver Bush,” by L. M. Montgomery

This is the third day I’ve had my leg propped up! Sigh. I have so much to do but, woe and alas, here I sit. I am reading though and I do enjoy reading, so I’m not completely miserable. 🙂

Pat of Silver Bush, L.M. Montgomery. A great pick for Anne of Green Gables fans, even if the dialogue gets a little precious in places.picture from pinterest.

I finished “Pat of Silver Bush,” late last night. I liked it. I thought Judy Plum was a colorful character! But, anyway, Pat grew up at Silver Bush. She absolutely loves her home. Silver Bush is “the house that remembers her whole life.” Pat doesn’t like change but change is on the way. Judy Plum finds a new baby in the parsley patch -is that where babies come from? haha. And, Pat goes to school. She has a loving family and her best friends, Bets and Jingle are delightful kids. What a wonderful innocent time and Ms. Montgomery always writes about Prince Edward Island is such a sublime manner. As Pat grows up there are a couple of surprises in the story! And, Jingle is my favorite character! I loved him. What a great kid.
I did enjoy this story, however, of the books I’ve read by this author, this wasn’t my favorite. There is a second book and I am looking forward to reading it. Happy Reading! Enjoy your day!

“Murder on the Yukon Quest,” by Sue Henry

Jessie obviously loves a good challenge. She is an experienced sled dog racer. Jessie is entered and ready to brave the below zero temperatures, the wind chill, snow, and ice of the Yukon Quest. This demanding race is 1000 miles of interesting terrain and horrible weather conditions. The mushers travel, with their dogs, from Whitehorse to Fairbanks. I wouldn’t do it. I get whiney when wind chill hits me! During the beginning of the race, a young woman is abducted and the victim’s father receives a note instructing him to tell no one, except Jessie.

Murder on the Yukon Quest is a good mystery and survival story combined. The terrain and the weather conditions are so well described, I almost got frost bite reading about it! I learned a lot about the care and feeding of the dogs and their owner on the journey. It’s quite a story! There is profanity in the book and at times I felt like I was reading research instead of a novel. Authors can do as much research as they so desire, however, when I read a book I don’t want to feel like I’m reading a research article from a professional journal. However, I don’t want to discourage anyone from reading the mystery. It’s good, without a doubt! There was a camaraderie or a bonding among the racers I enjoyed reading about. Racers and dogs can die out there and there is a quality among the participants for helping one another and they don’t leave racers stranded in the wilderness!

If you had the opportunity, would you race dogs in the Yukon Quest???

So, here I am, I have an injury and I am laid up for a few days, so whilst I am resting, not that I want to rest, I am reading! Enjoy!

Green Boots. Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race on Wednesday, February 11, 2015 in Dawson City, Yukon

“The Crystal Scepter,” by C. S. Lakin

Our internet has been absolutely crazy. It drops the signal, hangs swirling in a vortex of cyber space and is generally slow. Our internet provider came out to our house yesterday and worked on it, but woe and alas, we are still swirling in that vortex. They have assured us, it is there problem, it is not our computers. However, I finally did manage, somehow, to get into my blog with minimal discomfort! So, if you do not see my smiling face, reading your blog posts for awhile, please know I am still here. I will eventually catch up.

I did read, “The Crystal Scepter.” It was a captivating story, very difficult to put down. It is one of the books in the “Gates of Heaven,” Series. I have liked all these books, but I seem to always have a favorite. My favorite in this series is, “The Map Across Time.” I still need to read “The Sands of Ethryn,” though.

So, in “The Crystal Scepter,” we have an evil king. Oh yea, he’s something. His reign is loaded with treachery, murder, lies and deceit. He’s a real piece of work. So, the evil King Pythius – causes me to think of a python snake – anyway, I digress. So, King Pythius rules Paladya. He learns of a land called, Elysiel and he hears the Kings of this land have a crystal scepter which gives eternal life. So, he comes up with this plan to travel to Elysiel and steal the crystal scepter. Of course there is a prophecy in the land, there’s normally a prophecy in the land! Throughout this story, this evil king travels deeper and deeper into treachery. Tsk tsk. I am being a little light hearted in my review of this book, but it really was a good book! The story is a little bit of this and a little bit of that coming together in a great adventure!

The Gates of Heaven Series –

  • The Wolf of Tebron
  • The Map Across Time
  • The Land of Darkness
  • The Unraveling of Wentworth
  • The Crystal Scepter
  • The Sands of Ethryn

I think I have listed these books in the correct order. They are all really captivating stories! Enjoy!

This blog is a no dragon zone!

“Our Intrepid Heroine,” by Ness Kingsley

Hello! I love this story! I read it straight through last night! It is such a fun story of heroism!

Our Intrepid Heroine is on a quest, that’s right, she is traveling far, to slay a dragon! She leaves the comfort of hearth and home to defeat the fire breathing creature. I must say, I am at her side, cheering for her, and encouraging her on her quest! (As many of you know, I do not like dragons and this blog is a dragon free zone!) Anyway, I digress. So, our Intrepid Heroine is on a quest to slay a dragon because the fire breather has killed her father’s sheep, goats, a pig and one frog! The nerve!

This is a short story and well worth the read. I give it five ***** courageous stars!

Our Intrepid Heroine eBook by Ness Kingsley. Short, witty book about a female dragon slayer who rides a unicorn.picture from pinterest.