“Our Intrepid Heroine,” by Ness Kingsley

Hello! I love this story! I read it straight through last night! It is such a fun story of heroism!

Our Intrepid Heroine is on a quest, that’s right, she is traveling far, to slay a dragon! She leaves the comfort of hearth and home to defeat the fire breathing creature. I must say, I am at her side, cheering for her, and encouraging her on her quest! (As many of you know, I do not like dragons and this blog is a dragon free zone!) Anyway, I digress. So, our Intrepid Heroine is on a quest to slay a dragon because the fire breather has killed her father’s sheep, goats, a pig and one frog! The nerve!

This is a short story and well worth the read. I give it five ***** courageous stars!

Our Intrepid Heroine eBook by Ness Kingsley. Short, witty book about a female dragon slayer who rides a unicorn.picture from pinterest.

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