“The Crystal Scepter,” by C. S. Lakin

Our internet has been absolutely crazy. It drops the signal, hangs swirling in a vortex of cyber space and is generally slow. Our internet provider came out to our house yesterday and worked on it, but woe and alas, we are still swirling in that vortex. They have assured us, it is there problem, it is not our computers. However, I finally did manage, somehow, to get into my blog with minimal discomfort! So, if you do not see my smiling face, reading your blog posts for awhile, please know I am still here. I will eventually catch up.

I did read, “The Crystal Scepter.” It was a captivating story, very difficult to put down. It is one of the books in the “Gates of Heaven,” Series. I have liked all these books, but I seem to always have a favorite. My favorite in this series is, “The Map Across Time.” I still need to read “The Sands of Ethryn,” though.

So, in “The Crystal Scepter,” we have an evil king. Oh yea, he’s something. His reign is loaded with treachery, murder, lies and deceit. He’s a real piece of work. So, the evil King Pythius – causes me to think of a python snake – anyway, I digress. So, King Pythius rules Paladya. He learns of a land called, Elysiel and he hears the Kings of this land have a crystal scepter which gives eternal life. So, he comes up with this plan to travel to Elysiel and steal the crystal scepter. Of course there is a prophecy in the land, there’s normally a prophecy in the land! Throughout this story, this evil king travels deeper and deeper into treachery. Tsk tsk. I am being a little light hearted in my review of this book, but it really was a good book! The story is a little bit of this and a little bit of that coming together in a great adventure!

The Gates of Heaven Series –

  • The Wolf of Tebron
  • The Map Across Time
  • The Land of Darkness
  • The Unraveling of Wentworth
  • The Crystal Scepter
  • The Sands of Ethryn

I think I have listed these books in the correct order. They are all really captivating stories! Enjoy!

This blog is a no dragon zone!

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