“Pat of Silver Bush,” by L. M. Montgomery

This is the third day I’ve had my leg propped up! Sigh. I have so much to do but, woe and alas, here I sit. I am reading though and I do enjoy reading, so I’m not completely miserable. 🙂

Pat of Silver Bush, L.M. Montgomery. A great pick for Anne of Green Gables fans, even if the dialogue gets a little precious in places.picture from pinterest.

I finished “Pat of Silver Bush,” late last night. I liked it. I thought Judy Plum was a colorful character! But, anyway, Pat grew up at Silver Bush. She absolutely loves her home. Silver Bush is “the house that remembers her whole life.” Pat doesn’t like change but change is on the way. Judy Plum finds a new baby in the parsley patch -is that where babies come from? haha. And, Pat goes to school. She has a loving family and her best friends, Bets and Jingle are delightful kids. What a wonderful innocent time and Ms. Montgomery always writes about Prince Edward Island is such a sublime manner. As Pat grows up there are a couple of surprises in the story! And, Jingle is my favorite character! I loved him. What a great kid.
I did enjoy this story, however, of the books I’ve read by this author, this wasn’t my favorite. There is a second book and I am looking forward to reading it. Happy Reading! Enjoy your day!

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