“Madam Will You Talk?” by Mary Stewart

Mary Stewart has quickly become one of my favorite authors! And why not? Her stories are so well written – mystery, suspense, romance! Frequently, she writes about strong women, who really don’t seem to see their own strengths. In “Madam Will You Talk,” Charity is on vacation in France with her friend Louise, the artist. Charity soon meets a thirteen year old boy and his dog. She loves them instantly and finds herself in a well-written mystery that takes the reader across the south of France, and what an adventure! The chase, the hot summer, the dust and the noisy cicadas were so well described, I found myself drinking ice tea to cool off from the summer heat! 🙂  When Charity arrives in Marseilles, I felt the bustle of the people as they scurried to their destination in the busy streets. When Charity first gazed at the Mediterranean, I gazed with her.

This is the third book I’ve read by Ms. Stewart where she has created a youngster as one of her characters. I love her kids! I remember in “Airs Above the Ground,” there was a teenager in the story and in “Nine Coaches Waiting,” there was a young boy in the tale. Her kids have considerable courage and are always ready for an adventure.

Has anyone ever been to France??? If you’ve never read a book by Mary Stewart, give her a look.

Madam Will You Talk?  January 2013.  My Mary Stewart of choice.picture from pinterest.

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