“The Prince and the Pilgrim,” by Mary Stewart

Good morning. Another good story by Mary Stewart! I found this book in the little free library near our house!

This story takes place during King Arthur’s time. The author has included the legend at the back of the book.

“The tale of Sir Alisander le Orphelin and Alice la Beale Pilgrim, as related by Thomas Malory in Le Morte d’ Arthur, Book X.)”

 Alexander’s father was murdered by King March when Alexander was very young. Years later he is eager to avenge his father’s death. So, he sets off to Camelot to tell the story to King Arthur, hoping the King will assist him in his need for justice. Alexander’s journey is interrupted by Morgan la Fey. Not good. She uses enchantments to deceive Alexander into searching for and stealing the Holy Grail and giving it to her. I shudder every time I think of her.

Alice, is the daughter of a Duke, and without a mother. Alice and her father travel frequently, so she has visited several lands and has wonderful adventures. When her father becomes in charge of a young prince who carries a mysterious chalice believed to be, by some, the Holy Grail, it sets the stage for Alice and Alexander to meet.

Most of us have heard the legend of Arthur and his knights, however, the story of Alexander and Alice was new to me. I certainly am not an expert on Arthur, his knights and this period of time, but I did like this story. I enjoyed Alexander. He was young, eager for adventure, ready for a quest. In this telling of the story, he did get into a mess with Morgan la Fey, however,  I still liked him and cheered him on – for his escape – however that may happen!

I liked Alice and her father. Alice was spoilt but she was also a lovely character, devoted to her faith and her father. I thought for awhile she would dedicate her life to the church.

A love story set during the days of King Arthur and Camelot. Enjoy! Happy Reading!

 The Prince and the Pilgrim (Arthurian Saga #5) by Mary Stewartpicture from pinterest.

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