Good morning. As many of you know, I recently injured my poor foot. I’ve been propped up on pillows and much to my impatience, I’ve been staying off it. 😦 I’ve been doing all my exercises the doctor suggested and my pathetic foot seems about the same. It has good days and bad days. Sigh. However, I did manage to hobble outside into our back yard yesterday and take a picture of our flowering bush! AND! I’ve been reading. Sooooo, without further ado . . .

TBR 007 This is our wonderful, flowering bush!

TBR 010 Oh my goodness! My TBR pile is so much shorter! That raggedy purple thing is my kindle cover. I have a few books on my kindle to read, but this is the shortest stack of books I’ve had to read in a long time. So, trying to see the bright side, my foot has enabled me to do a LOT of uninterrupted reading! Right now, I’m reading “The Ivy Tree,” by Mary Stewart. I set a goal on goodreads – books to read! – for the year. I’ve almost reached my goal! lol.Have a great day and HAPPY READING!


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