“A Thing of Beauty,” by Lisa Samson

A thing of beauty / Lisa Samson.Good morning! Fiona Hume is a former child star, still recognizable, and an artist with a home full of stuff. When she was a teenager, she divorced her parents? I know? She bought a mansion in Baltimore, wanting to restore the old home. Now, she’s in her early thirties and she’s run out of money. She decides to rent out one of the rooms in the old mansion to bring in some cash. Josia Yeu, a blacksmith answers the call and rents the room, actually, it’s the maid’s quarters in the mansion. And so, we have another interesting and unique story by Lisa Samson.

I liked it! Not knowing where exactly to begin, I guess I will start with the characters. With the exception of Fiona’s mother, a real pain in the neck, and an icky guy from the past, I loved all the characters! Let’s see here – we have Randi, the owner of the coffee shop, Jack, a great guy who adores Fiona and is a good friend to her, Big Mike, a dependable and lovable taxi driver, her dad and Josia the blacksmith. I thought it was interesting that she was surrounded by great men. She needed that. And, this is such a human story.

It’s quirky, it’s cluttered It’s just a really good read. Just on FYI, it has a mild amount of bad language. Happy Reading.

picture from pinterest.


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