I was reading “The Auschwitz Escape,” when a library book I ordered arrived. So, I briefly put down the “Auschwitz” book and read, “The Stormy Petrel,” by Mary Stewart.

Rose Fenemore needs time away, where she can be alone and write poetry. She wants an “ivory tower.” So, Rose and her brother Crispin make plans to meet on the island of Moila off the west coast of Scotland. Well, she did get more than rest!  Her brother, through no fault of his own, was delayed and Rose had quite the adventure. Oh yes. She is awakened to a noise in the cottage. She puts on a “dressing gown,” walks downstairs and finds a man standing in her kitchen holding a “kettle!” I think I would have screamed and threw something at him! ha! Or better yet, RUN!

I enjoyed this story. I loved the imagery and the atmosphere. Mary Stewart describes the island beautifully, the birds, the otters, the storms and the sea. There are only a handful of people on the island and I would love to visit Moila. The book might be a little predictable, but I was ok with that. This wasn’t my favorite book by this author but I did enjoy it, very much. Happy Reading!

 Stormy Petrel -Mary Stewart  This is a kind of ho-hum book. Towards the end of Mary Stewart's career. Beautiful descriptions of the scenery and the place, Stewart is amazing in that regard But the plot is very predictable.picture from pinterest.


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  1. I know this post was put up a little while ago, but I must say that I agree with you. This one wasn’t her best book, but as I recall I enjoyed it, though I think I was a little let down by the ending.

      • YES! I’ve not read any of her Merlin trilogy, but I’ve read quite a few of her other books. Airs Above the Ground is also my favourite of her books : ) Though I wish the heroine could have had a more active part in the finale (i.e break out some awesome ninja skills and impress her husband no end).

        Nine Coaches Waiting is really good and I like Wildfire Before Midnight – but the leading man in *that* one gets my goat. Gah!

      • I loved Nine Coaches Waiting and Madam Will You Talk is great too! 🙂 I haven’t read all of the Merlin books yet, but I will! I ordered three of her books and they should be arriving any day. YAY! Her books are difficult to fine in our area.

      • Oh, I’m going to have to read Madam Will You Talk again. What about This Rough Magic? I use openlibrary.com when I can’t buy/find her books.

        Ohhhhh, brilliant. Happy reading! I’m waiting for a book to come, but the post this morning didn’t bring it. Ah well.

      • You’re welcome. Best of all it’s completely free! I don’t download the books onto the Abode program, but prefer to read in browser as it is a smoother reading experience. 😀

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