“Heaven Sent Rain,” by Lauraine Snelling

Dinah Taylor is a scientist and successful business woman with a well-ordered life. She’s single with no desire to marry. One morning, Dinah meets Jonah Morgan, (7 years old) and his dog Mutt, buys him breakfast and her life has changed forever. You might ask, where are his parents? I’m glad you asked. All is explained to the reader, as the story proceeds.:)

Garret Miller is a successful veterinarian and artist. One night, Dinah and Jonah bring the seriously injured Mutt to Garret’s clinic in need of medical assistance. Jonah likes Garret immediately, but Dinah and Garret have a rough start. Jonah needs Garret and Dinah, so, as Garret attempts to keep up with his successful practice and Dinah deals with her own business along with the press and a grieving little boy, Garret and Dinah need to somehow process through everything for Jonah and Mutt.

This was the first time I have read a book by this author. Normally, I read a very different type of fiction, but I was not disappointed with this gentle read. The book grabbed my attention and held it throughout the story. Although I did not like the press, all the main characters in the story were likable. If you would like to read a easy, well-written story, try Heaven Sent Rain. Happy Reading!

Heaven Sent Rain: A Novel by Lauraine Snellingpicture from pinterest.


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