“The Choosing,” by Rachelle Dekker

To be honest, I read this book because I was curious – very curious. I wanted to read a book written by Ted Dekker’s daughter. I need to say, I was not disappointed. Rachelle has a talent all her own and in this story, she has created a futuristic, cruel, dystopian, society. I cringed at their treatment of people! I was horrified at their teachings! I started reading this book, when I saw it at the bookstore and the first chapter captivated me and I read five chapters before I left the store!

Carrington is a lovely young lady who searches for self-worth, identity and purpose. She has prepared, waited and looked forward to the day of The Choosing. Well, when that day finally arrives, she isn’t chosen and must work as a Lint for the remainder of her life. After she begins her work as a Lint, something extraordinary happens and she has a second chance to be chosen, but things might not be as they seem.

Larkin, Remko, Carrington’s father, Arianna and Helms were all great characters, but Remko and Carrington’s father were my favorites. Since I am concerned about spoilers, I think I will stop there. I am looking forward to Rachelle’s next book. Happy Reading!

New Release: The Choosing by Rachelle Dekkerpicture from pinterest.


One thought on ““The Choosing,” by Rachelle Dekker

  1. I’m the same as you. Reading this book will be because I’m curious; I really like the idea of Christian authors writing YA fiction. We’re really lacking in this market for good YA novels.

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