“Undercover Bride,” by Margaret Brownley

ha ha ha! Maggie, a Pinkerton Detective, is posing as a mail-order bride, in hopes of capturing the “Whistle-Stop Bandit,” in this newest book by Margaret Brownley. Maggie is the future bride of Garrett Thomas, a widower with two young children. According to witnesses and Pinkerton information, Garrett is the Whistle-Stop Bandit, however, once she meets the man and is settled into his home in Arizona, she begins to have doubts as to Garrett’s suspected guilt.

This was not my favorite book by this author, however, it is entertaining:) The ending is especially entertaining! Garrett’s son Toby and Aunt Hetty are my favorite characters. Toby is smart, with a great imagination and he can invent amazing stuff! I loved the little guy. He has some courage in him too. I want an Aunt Hetty! She’s a great ole’ gal, suffering from every ailment known to mankind! What’s not to love??? She is feisty!

Take a gander! I think you’ll like this book. Happy Reading!

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