“Tales of Faith,” by Rosemary Mucklestone

“Tales of Faith is a varied anthology of Rosemary’s writings over the course of a year. Short stories ranging from historical fiction and Bible retellings to humorous stories and descriptive pieces, with a few poems thrown in. Strengthen your faith, smile, laugh and cry as you read these bite size, Godly stories!”

cover faithwriters

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Good morning! Rosemary e-mailed her book to me, in exchange for an honest review and I need to say, right away, I enjoyed it! She has written a collection of faith based, meaningful, short stories, I believe, for all ages. I suggest you give these tales a chance, I enjoyed them and shared many of them with my husband! As with all collections of short stories, I have favorites. I chuckled and thoroughly enjoyed, “The Sneeze From Heaven.” I’ll never look at a sneeze in the same way again πŸ™‚ The Sneeze From Heaven deals with a topic we are all concerned about – bullying! I was completely caught up in the wonder and faith of a child in, “Lost Dog.” That was just a really, nice story. Sigh. And then my third favorite – “A Lamb’s Tale.” A good look into an old story. I loved it! Four, that’s right, four really good stars! **** I’d like to thank the author for giving me the privilege of reading and reviewing her book and for the beautiful cover photo! Happy Reading!

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