Random Books or Did I Go A Little Crazy?

We went to rummage sales today! The first house I visited didn’t have any books! The nerve! The second house I stopped at had several large boxes of books on their garage floor – boxes full of books – and books stacked on the floor in random piles. As I circled the piles, gazing, wondering where to begin, I was overwhelmed. So, taking a deep breath, I knelt down next to a box and started digging through the assortment of books. There was a hodgepodge of topics – fiction, non-fiction! While I was searching a woman told me, ten books for a dollar! I thanked her, very surprised! 🙂 I didn’t really know what I was looking for, but at ten books for one dollar, I was determined to find ten books! So, I searched. Well, I didn’t find ten books, but I did find five books. I paid her fifty cents and moved on to the next rummage sale. I visited a couple more homes and I now have nine books! I did have so much fun. I talked to the people at the rummage sales. Everyone was friendly and all were readers! So, I think I will go out tomorrow morning and find more rummage sales!  Happy Reading!

Random 015picture taken by me 🙂

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