Classic Movie Friday!!! Sci-Fi Adventure and Romance.

“The Time Machine,” starring Rod Taylor and Yvette Mimieux is a good classic movie with some excitement:) I think there was a remake of The Time Machine, but I never saw it. I like the classic movie!

So, Rod Taylor invents an awesome time machine. I think it looks classy!

Rod Taylor in the Time MachineOf course, he shares his ideas of time travel with his friends, but they are skeptical. However, one night in the dead of winter, he boards his invention and takes a spin through time. After taking his new machine out for a test drive, around the time travel block, he decides to land in the future, where everything seems to be a paradise. He soon discovers all is not what it appears to be on the surface. If you’ve never seen this classic movie, I recommend it. It’s good:) We watched this movie yesterday afternoon and I dreamed about time travel all night:) hehe.

Yvette Mimieuxpictures from pinterest.


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