Oh my goodness!

So, we’re driving through town when surprisingly I see a sign for a book sale! I say, or maybe I yell excitedly, “Rick! Turn here! There’s a book sale!” As the vehicle careens to the left, tires squealing. I’m hanging on and our dog Rowdy is bracing herself as we make the turn on two wheels and successfully stop in a parking space. He shuts off the engine. Wild eyed and laughing, we exit the vehicle and enter the building advertising the book sale. Now, I should say, I was not expecting much. I thought 10 maybe 20 books for sale:) Well, I entered the building and there were literally hundreds! That’s right! Hundreds of books for sale! I think they had more books than the book store! Where did they get all these books??? Smiling, I said to Rick, “I hope you brought plenty of money!”:) Although they are expensive, I prefer hardback books, so, when I can purchase a hard cover, at a reasonable price, I will. I bought three books, two are hard cover, and Rick bought four books. I’m surprised we escaped with so few books!

NICE collection here! ..or Julie Bergeron's collection here: http://www.pinterest.com/juliebergeron39/books/ ..or Felix Qui's collection of 'reviews' here: http://www.pinterest.com/felixqui/literature/picture from pinterest.


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