Ok! Ok! I admit it!

Rick and I watched, Thor The Dark World, yesterday and I could just smack Loki! I could just smack him really hard! In fact, I could smack him really really hard. Did I mention, I could smack him??? In fact, Jane did smack him!  Ahem. Now that I have that out there, I feel better:) In my opinion, an author has created a most excellent male villain when the reader or, in this case, the viewer feels like slapping the villain. Loki is one of my favorite male villains.

Loki>>Tom needs to have loki hair all the time tbh

And then there is Kahn! I know it has been awhile since we watched, Star Trek Into the Darkness, however, without a doubt, Kahn is a great villian! I think it’s a toss up. I’m not sure who is worse, Loki or Kahn! They both bring new meaning to the bad guy! Khan A.K.A John Harrison played by Benedict Cumberbatch from the new star trek movie Into Darkness

So, who are your favorite male villains? I’d love to hear from you. Enjoy! pictures from pinterest.


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