The Wingfeather Saga Book Two

North! or Be Eaten - Another favorite by Andrew Peterson.The Igiby’s are back and, once again, I am the last person to read this book, “North! or Be Eaten,” by Andrew Peterson.

The title is very honest! If the Fangs of Dang don’t get ya, the trolls might or the rockroachs are sure to devour you. HA! So, I say, North! Igibys and be very careful! So, Janner, Tink, Leeli, Podo, Oskar and Mom are back and on the journey of a lifetime full of adventure, challenging them to the limit. I love Oskar. He loves to read and he is normally quoting someone. His quotes are hilarious. So, the Jewels of Anniera are traveling to the Ice Prairies and ultimately, hopefully, to Anniera! If there is one person out there who hasn’t read, “North! or Be Eaten,” give it a gander. I would read the books in order. The first book is, “On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness.” Happy Reading! picture from pinterest.


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