Classic Movie Friday!

Move over “Casablanca” and make room for “Dark Victory” starring Bette Davis, George Brent and Geraldine Fitzgerald. “Casablanca” has always been my favorite classic movie and it still is, however, there is now a tie for first place!

Bette Davis is a young socialite, party girl and an excellent horse woman. After several months of worrisome symptoms, she is told, by her doctor, she is definitely ill. And so, Bette Davis must come to terms with her condition and her future. Rick and I watched this movie a few days ago and it is so good. We both liked it. I read somewhere, Bette Davis won an academy award for best actress in this movie! Noteworthy – Humphrey Bogart and Ronald Reagan are supporting actors.

Dark Victory (1939) Directed by: Edmund Goulding  $19.98George Brent I love watching George Brent. See him in Dark Victory with Bette Davis or The Spiral Staircase with Ethel Barrymore.

DARK VICTORY, from left Geraldine Fitzgerald, Bette Davis, 1939

pictures from pinterest.


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