I almost jumped out of my skin!

So, I am in the backyard minding my own business, enjoying the cool morning – puttering – that’s right puttering. We have raised boxes in our yard and I was clearing one out. It was loaded with flowers and weeds. Suddenly and unexpectedly a furry critter scampers out of the raised box. I didn’t know what it was – it was the size of a roma tomato. I noticed a small weight in my gloved hands. I looked down and there was a critter in my hands! I thought it was a mouse, so I dropped the poor thing. The critter was fine, just momentarily stunned. They both scurried away. I don’t know where the mother is but I hope she comes to the rescue! I feel miserable because I think I ruined their cozy home. 😦 They are baby bunnies!

50 Cute Baby Animals that Make You Smile | The Design Inspiration

So there isn’t any confusion in the future. haha. 🙂 This is a baby mouse.

The Great Big New Rabbit Care Guide - Almost Everything You Need To Know About Taking Care Of Your New Bunny

This delightful little critter is a baby bunny! Enjoy! Have a great day! pictures from pinterest.


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