Grace Livingston Hill

574027     The Finding of Jasper Holt

Grace Livingston Hill writes sweet stories. She does. 🙂 In her book “Rainbow Cottage,” Ainslee travels to visit her grandmother, who lives in a cottage by the sea. Her grandmother welcomes her warmly and treats her like royalty. However, there is a female antagonist, oh yea, her cousin Jacqueline is mean and seems intent on making Ainslee unhappy. There is a dashing hero. He happens to be a pilot. I have piloted a plane, with an instructor. It’s the most amazing experience I’ve had in my life. But, I digress. This is one of the books I bought this summer during my amazing book finds at rummage sales. For those who love faith based, sweet romances, with plenty of the old fashioned quality, damsels in distress and manly heroes, Grace Livingston Hill is the author for you. I like her books. They have a refreshing quality to them and I like old fashioned now and then. Enjoy!

Speaking of manly men! Jasper Holt is the type of man who could make a girl swoon. 🙂 Jean and Jasper meet when a disaster threatens their life. My goodness! It didn’t sound good at all. Shaken, they walk together, through the wilderness, to find assistance. During their trek Jasper and Jean become friends, trust one another and fall in love. However, Jasper is a man with a reputation. When Jean safely reaches her family, she discovers she must defend the integrity of the man she loves again and again.

Jasper Holt is a good story. There’s a horse race toward the end of the book I enjoyed. I read this book on my kindle, however, the book cover I posted above is perfect. I really like that book cover! Oh yea. Read and enjoy!

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Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award


Aerykah at nominated me for this award! A BIG THANK-YOU Aerykah! You are awesome!

Here are the rules:

1.) Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their sight.

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 ~ My Answers to Aerykah’s Questions ~

1.) Are you a movie/book quoter?

Answer: YES! Oh my goodness. Rick and I are both so funny with movie quotes!:)

2.) Would you say you’re an introvert or an extrovert?

Answer: I’m an introvert!

3.) Are you sarcastic?

Answer: No, not really.

4.) What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Answer: CHOCOLATE!!!

5.) Do you play any musical instruments?

Answer: No. 🙂

6.) Do you schedule your blog posts or post whenever you can?

Answer: Both. I schedule Classic Movie Friday, Unsung Heroes and the interviews, however, everything else is random. Nothing is set in stone though. 🙂

7.) If you could travel to any place on earth, where would you go?

Answer: Alaska!

8.) What is your favorite princess movie?

Answer: Tangled 🙂

9.) Who is your favorite author? (you can list more than one)

Answer: Jan Karon, C.S. Lewis, Agatha Christie, George MacDonald, Mary Stewart, Arthur Conan Doyle. I could go on, but I think I will stop there. 🙂

10.) What book (s) are you currently reading?

Answer: “The Finding of Jasper Holt,” by Grace Livingstone Hill.

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I certainly hope I got those correct! 🙂 If you are reading this, consider yourself tagged! 🙂

~ My Questions ~

1.) Do you enjoy horseback riding?

2.) Do you prefer Charlotte Bronte or Jane Austen?

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4.) What is your favorite sport?

5.) What is the most unusual thing you have ever done?

6.) Do you prefer the mountains or the seaside?

7.) How tall are you?

8.) Do you prefer cats or dogs?

9.) Can you sing?

10.) Do you prefer classic Sherlock Holmes or the contemporary Sherlock?

Thanks again Aerykah! I enjoyed that. It was fun.

The Sidekick? The Unsung Hero/Heroine? Part III

Anne of Green Gables - mylusciouslife

“Kindred Spirit!” “Bosom Friend!” Diana Barry, in her own right, is an unsung hero! I think there are a few unsung heroes in these timeless stories of Anne Shirley, however, I decided to choose Diana Barry. Diana is Anne’s best friend for life! And, I really don’t think Diana had a best friend before she met Anne! They support one another through thick and thin – even into the mud! They never feel tragedy or joy alone. If you’ve never read, “Anne of Green Gables,” by L. M. Montgomery, I encourage you to do so. ENJOY!

“Seeking the Star,” by Traci Borum

Chilton Crosse #3

It’s a cold, snowy, December night in Chilton Crosse. As the festive lights brighten the night sky, a stranger wanders into the village, cold, alone, hurting and needy. Weary from his journey, he collapses on the doorstep of George and Mary Cartwright’s English cottage. Even though it is midnight, Mary is awake and hears the thud of the stranger’s fall. Moments later, George is awake and helping the man enter their warm, comfy home.

I loved it. This faith based story is about hospitality, friendship, community, Christmas, faith and grief. As the story unfolds and our stranger, Ben recovers, the reader gently learns his story. This Christmas tale is warm, cozy, tender and full of patient love.

So please, make a steaming cup of tea or hot chocolate. Find a warm, comfy chair, with fluffy pillows and get to know, Ben, Mary, George, and Mac. Get reacquainted with friends from the previous Chilton Crosse books as you read your first Christmas story of the season. *****5 beautiful, sparkly Christmas stars! Read it with a box of tissue. I cried!



Yesterday Rick and I saw “The Man From Uncle.” I liked it! I did!


I like a good espionage, especially the old school spy! The old school just seems more espionage-ish. funny.

The Man From Uncle is old school. No smart phones – no laser technology – no sophisticated tracking devices – no satellites – just good old fashioned spy work. Good guys and bad guys!

Watch The Man from UNCLE (2015) Movie Online Free

Speaking of bad guys – we have a new girl on the block, and she’s a real piece of work. Yes! We have a new villainess!

Ladies and gentlemen – readers – visitors – bloggers MEET VICTORIA!

Vera Castor

Oh yea! Evil!

P.S. There is one light risqué scene in the movie, however, it’s not much. This movie is fun, action packed with humor but it’s not a comedy. The men are easy on the eyes. Oops! Did I say that outloud??? Have you seen The Man From Uncle? What did you think? I’d like to hear from you.

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Why Oh Why Didn’t Our Dog Bark!!!

Sometime during the night or in the early hours of the morning, someone tried to break into our home! I know! Shocking! They tried to come in through a window, however, an adult could not fit through that window! My question – why didn’t our dog bark???

Let me think. As an avid mystery reader, I can do something with this! I’ll call it, “The Mystery of the Window.” Not creepy enough. How about, “The Mystery of the Missing Footprints?” That’s right, we checked for footprints! We did. lol. Or, “The Case of the Silent Dog!” Oh yea! When the mystery becomes a successful movie, who will be my leading lady and leading gentleman??? lol. Or, how about, “We Didn’t Hear the Bump In the Night!” Sinister laughing. Boo hahahahahaha. Ahem. Well, have a great day and happy reading!

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Classic Movie Friday on Monday!

It’s raining today and I went for a walk in the rain this morning. That is not unusual for me. I tend to walk in all types of weather. 🙂 Well, as I walked, a song from a classic movie kept me company, so I decided to share classic movie Friday with you today – on Monday! Drum roll please . . .

Gene Kelly - Singing In The Rain

That’s right, “Singing in the Rain,” starring Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor and Debbie Reynolds is a fun movie about the transition of non-talking films to talking films, with romance, comedy and MUCH singing and dancing!Donald O'Connor, Debbie Reynolds & Gene Kelly

So, this Friday there won’t be a classic movie Friday, unless I am inspired again by some experience! haha. Have a great day and if you haven’t seen this movie, please watch it, it’s great fun! pictures from pinterest.

Summer of Books

I have found so many books this summer! 🙂

There was the book sale where they were selling 10 books for one dollar.

Oh yea, the book sale with tables and tables of books. I thought they had more books than the bookstore!

How many rummage sales with books for 50 cents and one dollar!? It’s been a summer of books!

This morning, I stopped at a rummage sale, while it was still cool outside. Rick and our dog waited in our vehicle. I noticed immediately she had books, but I never expected to find two shelves of books by Grace Livingston Hill! I stood staring at the books for a few minutes before I could speak. I was so surprised. When I was finally able to utter sound, I spoke to the lady who was having the rummage sale. She told me, she grew up reading books by Grace Livingston Hill. She said, she was selling them because sadly, she has something wrong with her eyes and she can only read large print now. As I searched through the books, I didn’t know which books to choose. I’ve read a few books by this author, but this was a smorgasbord of her books! The lady at the rummage sale recommended a couple of them to me. So, I bought nine books!

The Witness

The Red Signal

The Tryst

Rainbow Cottage

Rose Galbraith

Crimson Rose

The Strange Proposal

A Voice in the Wilderness

Mary Arden

Can't go wrong with Grace Livingston Hill books. Old Christian romances, the best.

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“Sea Jade,” by Phyllis A. Whitney This one I know I read. I distinctly remember the cover.

After the death of her father, a retired sea captain, Miranda Heath, desperate and against her father’s warnings, turns to his old partner, Captain Bascomb, for help. The elderly Bascomb readily agrees to assist her, so she travels to his home in Scots Harbor. Upon arrival, she discovers, she is not welcome by anyone, in the house, but her father’s old partner. She soon realizes she has been thrust into a difficult situation at best, mystery and intrigue surrounding her. Trusting no one, she quickly discovers she must find the truth by herself.

This story was fascinating, haunting and foreboding. I loved it. It was set during the bygone days of wooden ships with big sails and iron men. Miranda’s father, Captain Heath, and his two partners Captain Bascomb and Captain McLean were three of those stalwart men.

This book is full of unpleasant characters with secrets, skulking around in the shadows, lashing out at Miranda whenever they had opportunity. Miranda was the one pleasant person in the book. She had a strength and perseverance within her as she searched for truth. She faced hurtful words with fortitude. I give this book a resounding 5 ***** stars!

Have you ever read any books by Phyllis A. Whitney? Let me know, I’d like to hear from you. Pictures are from pinterest.

Phyllis A. Whitney

The Sidekick? The Unsung Hero/Heroine? Part II

Tony Stark - Iron Man & Pepper Potts | Iron Man/The Avengers    #robertdowneyjr #gwynethpaltrow #couplesPepper Potts! What can I say about her? She is Ironman’s right hand woman. Tony Stark needs her. She’s the common sense/conscience to Tony Stark’s erratic lifestyle. I like her. Who doesn’t? She’s a good character. She certainly knows how to handle Tony.

Nerdy Fact #34: In the movie, Samuel Sterns uses the alias Mr. Blue to aid Bruce Banner.  In the comic books, Mr. Blue is none other than Betty Ross.Wow. That is some expression on Elizabeth’s (Liv Tyler’s) face. I want to hug her. She’s the only person who can reach Banner when he’s transformed into the Hulk. However, Banner was different in the Avengers.

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