Up Up and Away!

Late yesterday, I had the most amazing experience. I flew away in a hot air balloon. When the balloon was filling with air, the pilot or balloonist told us the balloon was as tall as an eight story building! Yikes! That is one big balloon.

balloon2015 005

I took many pictures and had so much fun. Once the balloon was filled, and we were settled in the gondola, we lifted off. That was a strange but not unpleasant sensation. I experienced a floating sensation or a feeling of weightlessness for a moment. I also had a sense of falling. It was interesting and not really scary, just different. Rick remained on the ground, so as the balloon lifted off, I waved good-bye to him and took a picture of him as we departed! 🙂 We floated in the air for one hour and twenty minutes and it was a great ride. The weather was perfect and it was a clear evening. We could see for miles. We flew over a river and waterfalls, trees, green fields, homes, farmland, and an airport. The balloonist had a radio in the gondola and we could hear the people in the airport tower talking about us! The airport wasn’t busy, but a couple of planes landed and we heard the tower tell the pilot, of the aircraft, that there was a hot air balloon in the area and gave the coordinates of our location. The people on the ground would wave and talk – yelling up to us. We attracted a lot of attention in our colorful balloon. I loved our balloon. It was a peaceful flight only interrupted by the sound of the fire gushing into the balloon when the balloonist gripped the device causing the fire to surge straight up into our eight story balloon. I am still in the after glow of this experience. I do believe this will stay with me for a very long time! Have you taken a trip in a hot air balloon? If you have, I would like to hear from you. Please, don’t be shy. Tell me about it! Enjoy!

balloon2015 027        balloon2015 029

I took these photos on the balloon trip. Please don’t use them. Thanks. 🙂


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