“A Wish Made of Glass,” by Ashlee Willis

Wish of Glass - Ashlee WillisIsidore, as a young child, dances with the fey folk deep in the forest. Sadly, her mother dies and Isidore is filled with grief and sorrow. After her mother’s death, she finds herself thinking the fey do not exist, it was just her childhood imagination. Then, one day, her father remarries and Isidore enjoys the relationship of a stepsister. But soon, that changes as Isidore observes and realizes her new stepsister, Blessing, is everything Isidore herself wants to be and believes Blessing has taken from Isidore something very precious to her. Desperate, Isidore turns to the fey folk.

I loved the fey folk! This story, in spite of the heartache, is filled with wonder, and it’s so – magical – the forest, the fey, the dancing, the snow, how could I not love this story? It’s beautifully written and filled my heart with such wonder.

Isidore, in spite of her sadness, is likable. I liked her. 🙂 My heart went out to her and I joined her in her suffering after the death of her precious mother. Even though I knew her briefly, I find that I loved her dear mother. She was encouraging and so full of love.

Isidore’s father was a good man and he hurt to see his daughter in such pain. He shared her pain. And, this is not an evil stepmother and evil stepsister story. Not at all! Isidore’s stepmother and stepsister, Blessing, are kind people and want to know and be a part of Isidore’s life. Blessing enjoyed a sister relationship with Isidore for a short time. And, oh yes, I loved the nurse. So, I loved all the character’s in the story!

Truth be told, I don’t read many fairy tales. I read a re-write of a fairy tale one time, not long ago, and it soured me to fairy tales. However, A Wish Made of Glass, is beautiful. Enjoy!

I would like to thank the author for e-mailing a PDF copy of her book to me in exchange for an honest review. I will be reading this book again in the future.


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