“Surviving the Storm,” by Heather Woodhaven


Aria and her former boyfriend, David, are on the run because Aria has witnessed a murder! The murderer won’t give up until he sees Aria dead. The killer is relentless! Not to mention crazy! David and Aria flee for their lives up the coast of Oregon through dangers and challenges galore, not knowing from one minute to the next whether they will survive! David is determined to keep Aria safe.

I read this book yesterday and it was the first book I had ever read that was written by this author. I liked it! Murder/suspense is my favorite genre, so this book was what I love to read. It was well written and at a good pace. I couldn’t put it down! When I started reading it, I had no idea I would finish it the same day I started reading it!

I would like to thank Heather for sending me her book. The author wrote an article on her blog about a vacation. She asked, at the end of her article, if the reader would share their favorite vacation spot. Well, I shared mine and she sent me her book! She signed it! Thanks again Heather!!! 🙂

Happy Reading! If you’ve never been to the coast of Oregon, try to go sometime. I’ve been there and it’s wonderful!

picture from goodreads.


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