Why Oh Why Didn’t Our Dog Bark!!!

Sometime during the night or in the early hours of the morning, someone tried to break into our home! I know! Shocking! They tried to come in through a window, however, an adult could not fit through that window! My question – why didn’t our dog bark???

Let me think. As an avid mystery reader, I can do something with this! I’ll call it, “The Mystery of the Window.” Not creepy enough. How about, “The Mystery of the Missing Footprints?” That’s right, we checked for footprints! We did. lol. Or, “The Case of the Silent Dog!” Oh yea! When the mystery becomes a successful movie, who will be my leading lady and leading gentleman??? lol. Or, how about, “We Didn’t Hear the Bump In the Night!” Sinister laughing. Boo hahahahahaha. Ahem. Well, have a great day and happy reading!

nancy drewpicture from pinterest.

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