“Seeking the Star,” by Traci Borum

Chilton Crosse #3


It’s a cold, snowy, December night in Chilton Crosse. As the festive lights brighten the night sky, a stranger wanders into the village, cold, alone, hurting and needy. Weary from his journey, he collapses on the doorstep of George and Mary Cartwright’s English cottage. Even though it is midnight, Mary is awake and hears the thud of the stranger’s fall. Moments later, George is awake and helping the man enter their warm, comfy home.

I loved it. This faith based story is about hospitality, friendship, community, Christmas, faith and grief. As the story unfolds and our stranger, Ben recovers, the reader gently learns his story. This Christmas tale is warm, cozy, tender and full of patient love.

So please, make a steaming cup of tea or hot chocolate. Find a warm, comfy chair, with fluffy pillows and get to know, Ben, Mary, George, and Mac. Get reacquainted with friends from the previous Chilton Crosse books as you read your first Christmas story of the season. *****5 beautiful, sparkly Christmas stars! Read it with a box of tissue. I cried!


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