Grace Livingston Hill

574027     The Finding of Jasper Holt

Grace Livingston Hill writes sweet stories. She does. 🙂 In her book “Rainbow Cottage,” Ainslee travels to visit her grandmother, who lives in a cottage by the sea. Her grandmother welcomes her warmly and treats her like royalty. However, there is a female antagonist, oh yea, her cousin Jacqueline is mean and seems intent on making Ainslee unhappy. There is a dashing hero. He happens to be a pilot. I have piloted a plane, with an instructor. It’s the most amazing experience I’ve had in my life. But, I digress. This is one of the books I bought this summer during my amazing book finds at rummage sales. For those who love faith based, sweet romances, with plenty of the old fashioned quality, damsels in distress and manly heroes, Grace Livingston Hill is the author for you. I like her books. They have a refreshing quality to them and I like old fashioned now and then. Enjoy!

Speaking of manly men! Jasper Holt is the type of man who could make a girl swoon. 🙂 Jean and Jasper meet when a disaster threatens their life. My goodness! It didn’t sound good at all. Shaken, they walk together, through the wilderness, to find assistance. During their trek Jasper and Jean become friends, trust one another and fall in love. However, Jasper is a man with a reputation. When Jean safely reaches her family, she discovers she must defend the integrity of the man she loves again and again.

Jasper Holt is a good story. There’s a horse race toward the end of the book I enjoyed. I read this book on my kindle, however, the book cover I posted above is perfect. I really like that book cover! Oh yea. Read and enjoy!

pictures are from goodreads.

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