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Another view of You've Got Mail with Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) and Joe Fox (Tom Hanks).: pinterest


“Thunder on the Right,” by Mary Stewart

Oh my goodness! In this mystery, suspense, romance, Mary Stewart transports the reader to a convent in the Pyrenees. Jennifer has received a letter from her cousin Gillian, informing her that she has entered this convent. Well, Mary Stewart doesn’t waste any time taking the reader into a convent shrouded in mystery and intrigue. Could there be a better setting?

A convent!

A monastery!

A ruins!

A castle!

All delicious locations for a mystery suspense novel.

I was sitting at the bakery completely absorbed in this novel as a nun runs through the gardens, black robes blowing in the breeze as she scurries in her haste to reach her destination.

A murder is planned in the darkness of night, as someone skulks nearby listening . . .

Thunder rumbles and lightening flashes . . .

book 001my awesome photography!

Creative Blogger Award!

creative-blogger-awardGood morning! Aerykah over at http://www.aerykah.wordpress.com nominated me for the Creative Blogger Award. Thank-you so much Aerykah! So, here we go!


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5 Facts ūüôā

1. )  I love to fly in small aircrafts. I love to soar!

flying high 040 This is a picture I took when we were coming in for a landing. We were in a Piper.

2.) I enjoy walking in the rain. The air is so clean, fresh, and crisp.

3.) I’m a romantic at heart. “Sigh”

4.) I enjoy funny true stories about people I know, myself included! ūüôā

5.) I don’t like public speaking! Not at all! No way! Not in the least!

Bloggers I Tag – YES!

Rissi @  http://www.rissiwrites.com

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Blessings to you this day! ūüôā

“Mom Wallis”

I’m reading, “A Voice in the Wilderness,” by Grace Livingston Hill. I’m not finished with the book yet, but I wanted to stop and introduce you to Mom Wallis! Some of you may have read this book and you already know her.:)¬† She’s¬†a diamond in the rough, to be sure,¬†but she has such a childlike innocence in her. She has a sense of wonder¬†and she appreciates everything¬†Margaret does for her.I love this character.

I think I should back-up a little. Margaret leaves her home in the east, traveling by train to Arizona to be a school teacher. During her journey, Margaret is stranded in the wilds of Arizona and finds help in some interesting men. In the cabin of these scruffy dudes is a woman РMom Wallis. Margaret and Mom Wallis become friends. Mom Wallis is starved for friendship.

Margaret gave Mom Wallis a lace collar as a gift. Such a simple little gift, but that gesture of giving and giving such a pretty gift touched Mom Wallis in such a tender way.

Have you read “A Voice in the Wilderness?” What did you think of this story? I’d like to hear from you.:)

The Sidekick? The Unsung Hero/Heroine Part V

In the past, my unsung heroes and sidekicks have always been fictional characters, well, today for the first time I have chosen a heroine who actually lived in history. Irena is a social worker in Poland during WWII. Her courage¬†and fortitude amazing. Hallmark did a wonderful job telling us the story of Irena Sendler. And, she is not the only hero in this true story. Anna Pacquin stars in this shocking but wonderful story of heroism. Irena and her friends and co-workers help 2500 children escape the Nazi’s.¬†Have you seen “The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler?”

Irena 001My amazing photography.

“Kiss of the Jewel Bird,” by Dale Cramer

I have read several books by Dale Cramer in the past and enjoyed them. He did write a series of Amish books I have never read, but other than his Amish books, I think I’ve read them all. “Bad Ground,” has always been my favorite. Well, now I have made room in my¬†favorites¬†for “Kiss of the Jewel Bird.”¬†This book is brilliant! In fact, I’m feeling a little intimidated about writing a review. I don’t believe I can write a review that will do justice to this well written story. However, I will try to organize my thoughts and put something out there that will reflect what a great story this is.

Dickie Frye always wanted to be a writer. Circumstances at home in Georgia prevented his dream. One day, Dickie Fry mysteriously disappears and the path he chooses for his life is more than interesting. This story is captivating and believable and somehow a real look into the lives of three main characters. In the end, it gave me such a good feeling.

Dickie Frye, Anton Kohl and Emma all have “stuff” but they¬†were all so incredibly likable. They were all talented, intelligent and creative characters and they needed one another.¬†After saying all of above, this review is incomplete. There is so much in this book. I loved Emma and my heart went out to her. Anton was so intelligent and successful but I worried about him. Dickie Fry was personable and¬†off the charts smart. The author created and brought together a story and saw it through to the conclusion! Well done!

agatha 001I took this photo. How do you like it? ūüôā

Classic Movie Friday!

After a WW II mishap “ahem” Cary Grant, the captain of the submarine “Sea Tiger,” gets permission for his stalwart men to¬†raise¬†the vessel out of the water. His crew somewhat repair it and off they go. Well. . . all that is required . . .¬†maneuvering a crippled submarine through many miles of Japanese infested waters safely to the port where Sea Tiger can be dealt with properly. Along the humor infested journey, the submarine is painted PINK. That’s right, PINK. ūüôā Hence, I have always called this fun movie, The Pink Submarine Movie! haha. I think film makers should hire me to name movies! lol.¬†Ya know, with one fun filled¬†disaster after another, I think Cary Grant was able to sit down one time during the entire¬†movie!:) Enjoy!

If you were born in 1959, maybe your folks tucked you away with a babysitter and went off to see the hit comedy film that year staring Cary Grant and Tony Curtis - Operation Petticoat.: pinterest.

Agatha Christie recently had a birthday! I read somewhere, she is 125 years young! Happy Birthday Agatha! So, for this celebrated occasion I pulled my books, by Agatha Christie, off the bookshelf, stacked them on our farmhouse table in our dining room and snapped a picture. Drum roll please . . .

agatha 003

Can you believe it? I found them at used and new bookstores. A good friend gave me many of her books. I discovered many of her books at¬†rummage sales and found¬†a few at little free libraries. And, I don’t own all of her books! She was amazing. I would have loved to have met her.

Anyway, you¬† might ask, which books are your favorites? I’m glad you asked.

  • “N or M”
  • Murder on the Orient Express
  • The Murder of Roger Ackroyd
  • The Mirror Crack’d From Side to Side
  • The Body in the Library
  • The Man in the Brown Suit

I could go on and on! You might ask, which books are your least favorite? Why, thank-you for asking.

  • Passenger to Frankfurt
  • And Then There Were None
  • Death Comes as the End

Have you read any books by Agatha Christie? If you have, which books have you read?¬†Do you have favorites?¬†I’d love to hear from you. Happy Reading!

Oh me! Oh my!

Football season is underway! Rick is a Dallas Cowboy fan and I’m a Denver Broncos fan –¬†all the way! Never the two should marry! haha. Anyway, today I am wearing my Denver Broncos shirt, so Rick puts on his Dallas Cowboy shirt and jacket. I put on my Denver Broncos earrings, he puts on his Dallas Cowboys hat and on and on it goes. It’s going to be an interesting football season. ūüôā LOL!

Denver Broncos Logo:

Dallas Cowboy vintage print by ZekesAntiqueSigns on Etsy, $15.00: pictures from pinterest.

“The Sky Beneath My Feet,” by Lisa Samson

In a nutshell, this is an honest story, seasoned with grace. Yup, that is how I would describe “The Sky Beneath My Feet.”

Beth ‘s husband Rick, is the “men’s pastor,” at the mega church they attend. One day he announces he has a one month sabbatical. When a friend of Beth’s offers the use of their beach home, in Florida,¬†for a vacation, Beth seriously considers this generous offer. When old¬†friends arrive offering¬†Rick the position as head pastor at the church they attend, Rick holes up in a shed in the backyard of their home and refuses to come out or even speak to anyone. Days turn into weeks and Rick remains in his unusual hideout. Beth, with one eye on the shed, realizing she is alone, moves on. Disasters and challenges abound as Beth cares for their two teenage sons, home and hearth.

I love Lisa Samson. I’ve been wanting to read this book for a long time, I finally did!:)¬†Her stories are so unorthodox. Her characters seem real, some are quirky and they are lovable.This is what I found to be true in this story. When Rick enters the shed, her family is turned upside down and the sky is beneath their feet. Has your world ever been turned upside down? I’d love to hear from you. I give this book¬†4.5 stars.¬†Happy reading!

The Sky Beneath My Feet | Lisa Samson  I read this book over the weekend.: picture from pinterest.