“A Pattern of Lies,” by Charles Todd

I am happy to say, my favorite battlefield nurse, Bess Crawford is back with a difficult mystery to solve. In this World War I mystery, the Ashton gun powder mill, in Kent, exploded killing 100 men. Now, two years later, with the war raging Mr. Phillip Ashton is arrested and charged with the murder of the 100 men killed in the explosion. Bess Crawford is drawn into the case when she runs into Mark Ashton, a former patient of Bess’s, and Mr. Phillip Ashton’s son and learns of the tragedy. In the midst of local hostility, and a war in France, believing Mr. Phillips innocent, Bess is driven to solve this mystery.

This was the best Bess Crawford mystery yet! I liked it. Bess is a woman dedicated to medically serving the men who are fighting the war with a strong sense of dedication and duty. All the medical people in these stories work tirelessly to help the wounded and dying on the battle field of France. The war is described in these stories but I wouldn’t say it is graphic. There isn’t any sex in the stories and if there is profanity, I’m not seeing it.

Bess’s parents are great characters, supportive of their daughter and miss her dearly when she is in France. Simon, long time friend of the Crawford family, seems quiet to me. He is a little mysterious but he is in contact with Bess frequently and helps her in anyway he can. Sergeant Lassiter is a colorful soldier, always ready to help Bess, and all these people have connections and help Bess get the job done!

If you like a good mystery and this one is good, I’d recommend the Bess Crawford Mysteries. I did not solve this one! *****5 mysterious stars!

A Pattern of Lies - Charles Todd - Hardcover: picture from pinterest.


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