“Emily of New Moon,” “Emily Climbs” and “Emily’s Quest,” by L. M. Montgomery

Emily series by L.M. Montgomery: Over the past couple of weeks, I have been reading the “Emily” books by L. M. Montgomery. I finished today. They are delightful stories and if you enjoyed “Anne of Green Gables,” I believe you’ll enjoy “Emily” also.

Emily was orphaned at a tender age and was sent to New Moon Farm to live with Aunt Elizabeth, Cousin Jimmy and Aunt Laura. These three books are the adventures of Emily as she grows up living with relatives she didn’t really know. I should say, I think life on Prince Edward Island is very interesting.

Emily wants to be a writer and much to the consternation of her Aunt Elizabeth, Emily is continually writing on any scrap of paper she can find – poetry, journaling and creating stories from her imagination. I especially liked the “Wind Woman.” She’s a fun girl and soon becomes friends with Ilse, Teddy and Perry, and the four youngsters grow up together and share many wonderful adventures in Canada.

I don’t really have a favorite book of the three and I can’t say I have a favorite character. Although Dean and Cousin Jimmy were especially interesting to me. I also like the Priest, Emily visited in the first book. The author does such a great job writing about kids and the challenges they face growing up and the adults who watch over and care for the young people. They were well written and fun to read. Enjoy and Happy Reading!

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